So I guess this is a blog

So I guess this is a blog… What is it exactly that you can expect from it I don’t really know but the plan is to just start documenting what the boys and I are up to and sort of go from there. In reality it is mostly going to be about skiing and walking. Walking from point A to point B and then skiing back down to point A.


We are however not purists, we still like lifts cause it shortens the walks and increases the skiing. So far the season has started off really strong from the first 50cm dump on Pitztal glacier, it was too deep to ski where it was flat and not deep enough to ski something steeper. Between the first days of driving on snow covered roads on summer tires in October debating whether to just risk it or do the smarter thing and mount chains. We didn’t mount the chains and ended up white knuckling it, well at least I white knuckled it. So far November has brought smatterings of snow here and there to keep us happy in the early season all the while building up the base for later in the year. It has been more a story of getting our legs back and working out all the kinks that walking, the most unflattering mode of transportation in our minds has done to what we consider the most elegant mode of transportation, skiing.


There are some experiences that only the early season can provide from wrestling with young ski racers in the gondola line at 7:30 in the morning to as mentioned above white knuckled drives on summer tires. All of that in the greater scheme of things is all insignificant because after long hot summer days, where we dream of winter, the cold, the snow, autumn finally gives us a glimpse of what is right around the corner. Seemingly so far away for so long, the smell of winter is finally in the air. The cold bite of morning temperatures as one walks out the door to the pins and needles in cold hands and feet are all the teases of the winter mistress.

Today we decided to head to Stubai Galcier really early, waking up at 5:30am, in the car by 6:00am, in the parking lot just before 7:00am. This gave us a prime spot in the line getting one of the first gondolas up.


Now lets be clear there was new snow but this was not a full blown POW day. Visibility was low and it was still snowing lightly. Up on the glacier this meant near to no sensory input. Sticking to the flatter stuff we just cruised about finding out which lifts were open and which were not. Sadly the lift that we had in mind had been closed for the day due to avalanche risk so we went in search of something different. After about an hour of skiing it was only 9:00am. At this point we decided to head in for a coffee to warm up and hopefully wait for the sun to burn off the rest of the clouds.


And it did, that was till we were 15m from exiting the lift so we went and cruised about some more trying new things out mostly failing miserably. Once again we found ourselves on the lift in low visibility seeing the lines we wanted to ski come in and out of focus as the fog and sun played about.  At this point we thought we might pass the time by taking some photos but like all things photography memory should always be on your mind no card no photos. Only S3 photos this round and a Gopro shot.

Towards the end of the time we could actually spend on the glacier because of menial tasks like Uni were calling as back to the valley floor we finally got our 15 minutes of sunshine.


Exiting the lift we headed straight over to two  mini couloirs so that we could get a piece of them before they were snaked out from beneath us. In the end the day paid off. Skiing around on what felt like the surface of the moon with no sense of gravity or up and down to getting two fun runs in made the day. Lest we forget it’s November 11 and we still have the whole winter ahead of us!



Bernie & Rupi.



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