It is still early in the season, so any sort of decent skiing you get in should be appreciated for exactly what it is, bonus POV skiing. The last two days were spent up on the glacier. It has been a really strong start to the season here in Tirol, so there is a sort of base above 2300m. We are still dodging rocks and trying to come to terms with flat light but the skiing has been great.

The more often I get up at 5:30 in the morning, the more I am falling in love with it. Most skiers only know starting their ski day at 8:30 or 9:00 but because Austria, and especially Tirol is the premier training location for aspiring ski racers the glaciers start running their gondolas at 7:30. This is perfect for us because on the days where we only have class in the afternoon we can get a full 4 hours of skiing in before heading back down and to class.

Another experience that is completely unique to this situation is getting to the parking lot while it’s still dark and stepping into the lift just as the dawn is breaking. Now this might not seem especially exceptional to people who tour, and are used to doing dawn patrols before work, or starting early in the morning when trying to conquer larger objectives. However the sensation of stepping off the lift as the sky and mountains are catching the first light in pinks and oranges is completely unique. A sort of mind trip in a way, these are the sensations most skiers associate with tired legs and a long ski day not your first run with fresh legs. The sun is at the opposite side of the compass, the faces you are used to seeing in an alpenglow are dark and in shadow while their counterparts are lit up all pink and orange.


There is one thing about early season and that is rocks. It’s still rock out there and while the crash at the beginning of the video looks pretty tame but it left me with a pretty big bruise… As seen in the photo below.


Today was especially cool because it was just the two of us. I learned to ski chasing Rupi through the trees back home in Salzburg, but today above the treeline it felt exactly the same. Laughing and hollering after each run only to start bickering on the tow lift as to who was too dumb to ski in a straight line. There is one thing about Rupi he doesn’t sketch out under stress whether a small slab is ripping on him or he is about to fall in a crevasse somehow he deals with it is truly Austrian to blurt “alles locker flocker”. If there is one thing that can be said about when we ski together is that we never have to talk about what to ski next. I see exactly what he wants to ski and vice versa hopefully the edit will satisfy some early season cravings.

In addition, as we get more comfortable with using our Gopro’s the both of us are gaining a huge amount of respect for all the skiers putting out fluid and beautiful edits. Skiing stuff top to bottom at speed and in control is our new focus. I did this edit using a Netbook so being able to really edit the clips to the beat of music is near impossible and checking fades is not really possible because the play back is a joke as my computer has a hard time handling these massive Gopro files. It was a fun learning experience and hopefully better, smoother and more entertaining edits will follow.


Bernie and Rupi


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