After a long break from riding at home we finally made it back!! It is hard to describe what it’s like to go ski at the place where you learned to ski. From when I used to come back during the Christmas holidays from someplace usually warm and hot, like Malaysia or Sri Lanka to chase my cousin (Rupi) around the resort. Yesterday we got to do exactly that chase each other around in the trees.


We hopped in the car at 8:00 p.m with reports of wind and heavy snowfall back home. After about 40 minutes heading east we started to see the first signs that this plan of ours might actually work out. However 10 minutes later it all changed. No snowfall, just lots of wind on the highway. We still hoped that because we were heading further to the east that things would improve the closer we got. We have this kind of rule; it’s all good if it is snowing after the second tunnel. It was, not as hard as we might have wanted but it was snowing none the less. After a close call with a traffic sign the blew across the highway literally a foot in front of us we made it home safe and sound to light wind and cold dry snowfall. The next morning it had not snowed significantly over night and there were reports that the top of the mountain had taken a beating in the last 24 hours leaving certain aspects completely bare of snow and others completely wind loaded.

The name of the game was safety. The first signs stepping out of the gondola were not positive. WIND FUCKED, WIND FUCKED and some more WIND FUCKED for good measure. Heading over to our favorite spot we had to plow through some pretty interesting snow formations. Looking down we could see that it had snowed but the wind had broken everything from twigs to huge branches off of the surrounding trees. This made for some “keep the faith skiing”, it might be a twig or it might be a branch, sometimes it was just about trusting that it was the smaller of the two. After figuring out what the wind and snow had done the night before it was on. It might be small but it’s not everywhere you are getting in runs that last over a minute.

Praise the place we call home and the faces we get to ski with whenever we make it back. Great mountain, good snow, and cold beers at the end. What more can you ask for?

P.S Chistmas is coming early. We are proud and stoked to announce support by PRAXIS SKIS. They make them long and fat just the way we like them. The skis are currently clearing customs in Vienna hoping to post some ski porn midweek!


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