Return of “The Dolomites”

The Dolomites are a fun place to ski that’s a fact. So we went back again today to get some more good POW loving. Like all things skiing it started early in the morning in the dark. Driving up over the Brenner again watching the amounts of snow on the ground and the trees increase the further we drove south. Pulling up in the parking lot we had the first faux pas of the day. Webi our Austrian breed Canadian did not have the right batteries for his transceiver so Paavo already in his tight as they come boots had to take them off and go find a gas station.

Rupi and I bought the ski passes and amused ourselves with a game of snowball throwing accuracy because this year such past times are lost on us in Austria because we have no snow. In all fairness we didnt lose any real skiing time because by the time Webi and Paavo had returned the lift gates had only been open for about a minute and unlike many other places in the world where POW days are accompanied by long lines the Dolomites has more more chill and lax feel about skiing. One lift up and we were good to go. The snow was wet. It was not blower but it was snow. Hopping on the second lift we started to discuss where we would spend the day. After seeing roped off routes to our left and to our right we didnt really know how to approach the day. Will they pull our passes if we duck ropes or skirt the sides of the groomed runs? In the end we found a nice skiing instructor who explained to us that we were good to go in broken German/English/Italian.


That is when the skiing actually started. The snow was deep but as I mentioned it was wet so finding something steep enough the get going was the real challenge.  But we did find a really fun zone with pillows and drops and all the things we love to ski. And that’s what we did for the rest of the day.I am Still getting used to the new set-up but pillow bouncing on tech bindings on a ridiculously light weight boot was more fun then i thought it would be, the stability of the Praxis Protest turned the volume of fun way up. We got snow in our pants, hooted and holler’d and joked on the lift.

The day was summed up by Rupi’s outrageous live commentary, hilarious crashes and the pizza we didn’t get to eat the last time we went down there. There isn’t much more to a trip down to the Dolomites. Great mountains, fun as hell skiing and fresh snow. What more could you want?


There was the post Pizza incident. I think I will let the photos do the talking…



Rupi and Bernie


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