Groggy eyes, Low Expectations… Who am I Kidding I Skied POW Today!

I woke up pretty groggy this morning. I had the impression that I had 25 minutes to get ready! There I stood with a tooth brush in my mouth; I looked at my phone to see a very unsettling message I had gotten another text after I had gone to sleep telling me to be ready at 7:30 instead of 7:45. 10 seconds later I got a text asking me where I was and to be honest I was standing in my under wear with a toothbrush in my mouth trying to find a pair of clean* ski socks. So I ran about like a headless chicken getting all my gear together trying not to forget anything essential with by boot shells slung under one arm, my liners under the other I bolted down the stairs nearly face planting as I tripped over my poles. On days that start like this it can go one of two ways it can get way better or it can get way worse. Today got a whole hell of a lot better.


Hopping in the car we picked up the other two and were off. Car was chock bloc full of gear and we sped down the highway towards Zillertal. We all had low expectations for today. 10 cm of fresh/dust on crust those were about as high as our expectations got looking at the green fields all around us.

We took it nice and easy stopping at M-Preis for brekki; coffe and a “Faschings Krapfen”. An apricot filled pastry with powdered sugar. Nuked on sugars and caffeine we headed to the lift got geared up and hopped on. Heading up things started to look up. 10cm turned to 20cm which then even turned into 30cm. That qualifies as a mega dump this year so we were stoked.



And we were off. Right of the bat no warm up run just straight to business and boom there it was 30cm of light and dry powder on an absolutely amazing face. I had two runs today that rank right up there with the best of the season. It is still a little sharky but after a buddy got shark attacked and lost a ski we only spent about 10 minutes searching for it so the day went on.

Spent today on my 196cm Praxis Protests and all I can say is that I love them. They are the best all round powder ski that I have ever been on. When I say “all round” powder ski I mean that as long as its 15cm of fresh and above you really don’t want anything else attached to your feet. Couloirs, meadow skipping it does it all and pushes you to ski better. It pushes you to be a better skier than you really are. As long as Keith at Praxis produces them I will be skiing them. I found my holy grail no real need to look for anything new.


Today was great because I was fortunate enough to chase 3 skiers who are much better than myself, forcing myself to be a better skier.  Slowly but surely I feel my confidence coming back and now all I need is for it to snow so that I can continue building on that confidence. After my legs were completely dead I sat in the sun for a bit and watched the guys and girls throw down at the Mayrhofen open. The level of skiing was quite insane. 1080’s are warm up jumps and more than a couple of the competitors were throwing doubles.

All in all a great day getting to ski new faces with new faces, it’s really what makes skiing POW soo much fun.

P.S Yesterday I headed to Stubaital with a Canadian (Montreal not BC) foreign exchange student currently spending the semester abroad in Innsbruck. It is really refreshing to ski on what most of us here would consider a marginal POW day and see the through the roof stoke level that he brought with him. It reminded me to not always think it could be better, deeper, steeper but just to think; “Well shit even on a bad day of skiing you are still having the most fun you can have standing up”. Cheers Max for bringing the stoke and absolutely shredding that alien form of snow: POW.






Rupi and Bernie


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