Mondays Left Overs!!

Looks like we missed out on some good snow on Sunday. Today was bumped out, but every now and again there was a spot of soft to be found. Same as last time just a couple of photos.

Rupi is back from Vietnam and is getting back in form. He is on his new GPO’s and the grin on his face today tells the story. No photo of it buts its always the same grin so I’ll get a pic of it at some point!

dumping speed 5

Holding his shifty till the last possible moment.

dumping speed 4

Getting comfortable in the air…

dumping speed 3

Stubai seems to have especially sharp rocks. Traversing can be a game of chicken. I took one to the hip today but no harm no foul.

dumping speed 6

The next three photos will kind of show that I like slamming right turns but its seems to be what Stubai wants…

dumping speed 7

Getting the most out of a Protest drift!

dumping speed 8

Arm is high but it was pretty flat…

dumping speed 2

A Paxis Skis only hobby. Bomber skis make the little things fun!

dumping speed 1

For every 100 bumps there is one pocket of soft!

dumping speed

Trying to dump speed while getting bashed around…

It looks as if spring has come early… Its has been really warm this winter, while good snow can be found sharks are lingering everywhere! It looks like touring is back on trying to find some soft snow. Hopefully March will bring more favourable conditions as February comes to a close.

Till next time…

May the POW be with you!


Rupi and Bernie


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