Broken Boots, Fog, Who Gives a Shit!

No sun who cares!

No sun who cares!

So today we woke up with the impression that it had snowed 25cm in Ischgl overnight, so we headed back there today to see if we could get on the faces we saw last time. All they really needed was a little bit of snow to cover up all the wind and sun affected snow. There was enough snow but sadly even though we got one of the first bins up and raced to the lift we wanted use for the day we got skunked. We did have some good times racing towards that lift! Watching Paavo ( lay down some hanged out carves on smooth piste covered in probably 10cm of super dry snow. Getting to the top of the cable car, hot fog rolled in and put us in the middle of the soup kitchen.

If Youtube does not work use the Vimeo link below:

Ischgl Revisited!

After this we headed to some lower terrain to see if the fog was more forgiving down low. It was! Sadly following Paavo, I headed off a small boulder and the lip was a little steeper than I was anticipating and my rear locking mechanism blew up, throwing my weight forward to leave me with a boot in tour mode for the landing! As soon as I hit the ground my right foot buckled on me sending me straight to my face! Standing up I knew that something was broken, not wanting to screw up the day I just went for it and spent the rest of the day in a boot that felt like a pair of wellingtons!


The broken locking mechanism…


Usually secured by a metal rod the plastic bit exploded on impact!

I guess the light weight stuff has its limits but to be honest I learned two things. One is that when equipment breaks, which it does, even “if” you are really “out there” it is still manageable to get down safely. The second being that even broken equipment cant ruin a day in the mountains!

image (1)

The fog we were rolling into. In the back round the lift tower can be seen poking through.

The question I have to Dynafit is, what is the locking mechanism made of? Normal PU or the Grilimid that the base of the boot is made of? It seems to be the part of the boot that is most likely to blow up after the cable buckles, which so far have held their own.

Rolling up into the fog!

Rolling up into the fog!

We worked with the follow cam perspective a lot today to avoid the more boring POV stuff. We all wanted to have a go with the 360 pivot perspective but by the time the fog rolled in it was pointless. Regardless Paavo owned it today!

Watching an Google+ stitch 3 photos together without asking is pretty impressive!

Watching Google+ stitch 3 photos together without asking is pretty impressive!

All in all it was a great day, we feel as if we took real advantage of the hour of sun we got before the fog rolled in, and even when it did we just kept skiing. Broken boots, fog, no sun, WHO CARES!

As always…

May the POW be with you!


Rupi and Bernie


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