Gimbal on a Stick

This is going to be a short one… Just got a new 2 axis Gimbal in for the GoPro so we bastardized it took the gimbal off the batter handle mounted in on the 360 mount carbon pole using a handlebar mount and taped the battery pack to the pole just behind it. The thing is pretty awesome and we hope to use it next year skiing but winter is over so we went out for a little longboarding session. This is the raw footage no color correction or post image stabilization. We are pretty happy with how the footage is in terms of steadiness. No its just about learning how to hold it in a way that lets the Gimbal do its thing.

This is what the little thing looks like:

Can be found at:

Seeing as Winter has come to an end my usual sign off handle doesn’t work I guess I will be using one more in line with the upcoming summer months.

As Always (for the first time really),

May Sunshine and Good Times be with you,


Rupi and Bernie


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