Crack of Dawn!

Seeing as today is cloudless and pretty hot for this time of year we went skating. Austria is awesome skied POW on Saturday and now it feels like summer! Today Rupi and I woke up at the crack of dawn to go skate as the sun was coming up. We of course had our “Seadipolecam” in tow so we stood out in the cold until the rays of the sun made themselves apparent and warmed our cold asses up. The Sunrise was absolutely sick this morning.

This is some of the footage we shot this morning:

I was soo nervous that I could barely sleep. I had huge expectations so as I lay there in bed, the calls of the birds outside forewarning of the coming day… All I could think to myself was please be a great sunrise. During the winter we are pretty used to waking up early but it is usually followed by sitting in a car for an hour or more. Today he had to beat of the weight of sleep out of our bodies and move to stay warm. So we skated towards Tivoli standing on the bridge that crosses over the train tracks and waited. For those colours of pink, gold and orange. Standing there with the cold wind whipping we saw surely but slowly the sun crest above the peaks to the east. And well we went skating it was great! I am not an experienced Filmer but light and landscape are at least 90% of the game. Having a good subject always makes things more compelling, but alas it was just Rupi and myself trying to make the most of it. So if you know any talented Longboarders in IBK heads up I will film you either too early for sane people in the morning or as the sun sets along the Inn. Ironically we did see a bad ass Longboarder this morning who hung out a ridiculously long manual down the bridge. 🙂

Rupi and I looked at each other and kind of grinned, thinking the same thing we should have asked him if he was busy and if he would film with us but as he pumped past us trading off between right and left legs as if it were the same to him, he was already bombing down the bridge. So we filmed each other and had a blast. Trying to find alleys of light between the buildings, smooth asphalt and interesting surroundings.

One new thing is that I got a new deck and I love it. If you are looking for an exceptionally well made but at the same time beautiful hand made deck check out these Germany Guys @

I like super soft decks and the one they sent me was exactly what I was looking for after my old deck gave up  me!

Below are some screen grabs of the video if that’s not your flavour…

LB sunrise 1

Cruising down the bridge…

LB sunrise 2

Tunnels are always fun!

LB sunrise 5

The asphalt in front of the Olympia Halle is some of the smoothest in town!

LB sunrise 6

Trying to drag ass…

LB sunrise 7

Finding an alley of light!

LB sunrise 8

Pump Pump Pump!

So I guess that’s it for now. Till next time as always…

May Sunshine and Good times be with you!


Rupi and Bernie



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