Summer Distractions!

So summer is officially here and Rupi and I have been making the most of it. From cruising across Austria trying to surf as many river waves as possible in one day to an unexpected surprise of getting to wakeboard on Mattsee.

First wave of the day.No rope meant it was a no go but the next wave was only a short distance away so we didn't even have to get out of the wetsuits!

First wave of the day. No rope meant it was a no go but the next wave was only a short distance away so we didn’t even have to get out of the wetsuits!

The first wave was a little hard to get into but we tried anyway. Trying to paddle into river waves is tough, the current is fast the water is cold and in all reality you cant really see anything cause of the water foaming all around you. We gave it a go. Failed at it, so we moved on. The next wave turned out to be much more promising and we both got a feel for what river surfing is all about. Which in all honesty has nothing to do with normal surfing. Its not down the line but more straight up the line surfing.

The second wave he headed to was perfect for learning some basics. Instead of having to pop up you could start standing up with the help of a rope. Once up things got way easier.

Getting up on the wave...

Getting up on the wave…

The helping hand...

The helping hand…

The great thing about this wave is that you can get up right off the bat and get used to being up on the board instead of trying to pop up and getting sent through the spin cycle. Plus the vibe at the wave is great! The dudes are soo stoked to give tips and tell you what’s up instead of the classic aggressiveness that one usually experiences. That is what got us going that day. After enjoying 3 sick hours at the wave we moved one, the next spot the next wave!

Trying not to stall out!

Trying not to stall out!

Walk the deck 1...

Walk the deck 1…





The next stop was about an hour and a half away after looking at it we thought it was doable but the problem was again we didnt have a rope with us! so we tried anyway and got washed out every single time! but no worries we will be heading back as the wave is deserted and clean as a babies bottom!

Keeping our eyes open!

Keeping our eyes open!

Walking some more!

Walking some more!



This wave was a beauty! Rupi and I really want to head back because we could not get into it without a rope… Once again we tried got wet and had a blast! The only thing is about this wave is there is nowhere to relieve yourself so its all about the bush man mentality!

So clean. To think that this wave is formed by a sewage pipe running across the river... Lucky accident?

So clean. To think that this wave is formed by a sewage pipe running across the river… Lucky accident?

So after failing again we headed to our tried and true spot and it was a first for myself but after getting in and thoroughly washed through I finally got up and it was great!

Get ready to get cold...

Get ready to get cold…

Heady to hop!

Heady to hop!

Rupi up and killing!

Julian up and killing!

Thats how its done!

That is how its done!

Snap from a photographer that was on hand!

Just a short little vid most of the time we are getting sent through the spin cycle so that is all we have atm!

And finally the surprise of the week!

Getting to wakeboard on Mattsee thanks to who took us for a spin on what is currently the fastet electro motorboat in the world I believe. The thing is fast it hits over 70kph maxed out. The weather was sick and again we would like to extend out thanks for ramping up an already kick ass sunday!

After years of not standing on a wakeboard it was a relief to be able to stand up! Like riding a bike!

Rupi getting after it!

All of us having a great time!

So all in all summer has been great from fun SUP sessions to working on new camera gear and even supporting my first Kickstarter campaign lots of new stuff happening. Some interesting news includes new Gimbals and hopefully new Gopros… I keep saying I will post up about my follow cam set up but its not quite perfect yet so I am going to take the time to perfect it! On another front Rupi and I are exceited to shape some Alaia’s for River surfing cause I would rather be sliding around then using fins marginally wall. All we are waiting for is our Paulownia blanks and then its off to shaping, testing and having a good time!

Again thanks to Herman at Steiner Nautic for taking us out last Sunday!

As always may the “Flow” be with you!



Rupi and Bernie



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