The Final Rig!

So this is the final rig we built for the “Steadipolefollowcam” thing! Most the the parts have been sourced form other products, from figure 8 clamps usually used for fastening a flash light to handlebars or the carbon pole from the swivel mount. The GoPro itself has a lens protector on it but besides that its pretty standard. We usually film in 1080p Superview as it makes keeping the subject in frame easiest.

From above.

From above.

The Gimbal attached to the end of the carbon pole using the figure 8 clamps.

The Gimbal attached to the end of the carbon pole using the figure 8 clamps.


Another angle.

Another angle.

The funny this is that even though this part of the project is done I like that I have designed it in a modular fashion. We have a 3-axis stabilizer on the way form the same company which can be ordered off of including all the extra parts needed to make the entire follow cam set up.

The Gimbal itself is made by Feiyu-Tech more specs at:

The new 3-axis Gimbal.

So that is the rig we are currently using. I am always thinking of new ways to improve the rig the next step will be to add the grip form some crutches that my room mate will soon no longer need which will make the rig easier to hold for an entire day. I am also ordering 1m 25mm carbon tubes to build a new rig exactly the same as the current one for the 3 axis Gimbal with a 2m boom instead of the 1.2m boom we use currently. This will make it easier to get close to the subject without having to ski right next to them. The other four 1m poles will be used to make a sort of handheld crane which I hole to use to get aerial like shots without having to fly a drone. The entire rig is very light considering the small size of the GoPro and the Gimbal it should not be a problem holding a 4m boom. I hope to make each 1m pole attach to each other using a quick release system like a pin and hole solution so that I can collapse the pieces to fold down. That way I will be able to strap the to the outside of my back pack keeping us mobile in the mountains!


Back to the river!

One last shot for good measure!

As always may the “Flow” be with you!



Rupi and Bernie


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