When The Sun Comes Out…

Well Summer is sort of touch and go rain here, sun there. Not much really to write about. Went surfing a couple of times, hung out on the lake, house party. Pretty good times in all.



Ignore the next paragraph if Gimbal news does not seem interesting…

Took out the new 3-axis Gimbal to test it out. While it works out pretty well it has been the bane of my existence! After sort of crashing while filing, the x-axis started to hang to the left. Switched out the batteries nothing changed still sagged. Tried to use it over the weekend, and nothing. So I contacted the seller, have not heard much back yet hope that they can sort this out because what happened next was an absolute shit show. Thinking that I might be able to somehow recalibrate the Gimbal by plugging it into the lap top using the supplied mini usb cabel. I plug it in to my computer and try and start my computer. Nothing… Thinking that the battery is just dead I plug my laptop in and foolishly plug the Gimbal into a second laptop. Instantly boom, black screen. Try to turn it back on NOTHING!! At this point I am freaking out cause I think that both laptops are now completely fried. One of them is brand new so I did not want to mess around with it in case I voided my warranty. So I opened up the bottom took the battery out, hooked it up to the charger to see if it still ran. It did! So put the battery back in and it started. To see if it really was the Gimbal I got out my old laptop turned it on let it run on battery and plugged the Gimbal in… Boom gone. So it is officially the Gimbal that is overloading the battery causing the laptops to crash. I think its because power is being transferred over the two outer pins of of the USB port. This should not happen because the cable is for data transfer which means only the inner two pins should have any function. Now this is what I understood from reading up on it, no expert but I am rightly pissed that the Gimbal fucked my computers. I hope that Feiyu Tech sorts their Gimbal out…

Now for some footage and photos:

The Video above is the first footage from using the new 3-axis Gimbal.

After working for the rest of the week we spent the weekend in Salzburg chilling on the river, then the lake then chilled on the lake had a couple brews… good times!

2014-07-19 11.37.30

Setting up the rope to tow into the wave.First go around rope was too short meant a trip to the hardware store.

Rupi heading out to hook the rope up with a carbiner.

Rupi heading out to hook the rope up with a carbiner.

Warming up between waves. Waters pretty cold.

Warming up between waves. Water’s pretty cold.

Waiting my turn.

Waiting my turn.

After a couple of goes it started to work.

After a couple of goes it started to work.

Rupi doing the same

Rupi doing the same.

The tool the rules = more rocks more tools.

The tool the rules = more rocks more tools.

After that we headed to the lake. It was warm, sun was out and was dope to hang out with the SBG crew.


Lake time!




Just right. Warm, sunny, crate of beers and a BBQ


Took the Gopro out got a spin.


Swim, Swim Swim!


Just Chilling.






Almost looks like we are in the Pacific!


Under the pier!


Chilling on the balcony!


Beers and good times…


Down the line, up they piled!


Taking a breather after a game of foot volley ball, volley ball and then a round of footie.


Till next time back to the river!

That’s all for now lots of party footage to go through but that is for another time.

As always may the “Flow” be with you!



Rupi and Bernie



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