Back Home… Once with a Bro once Alone!

First time I headed home it was with my good bro Paavo ( We headed to the trees, It was Paavos first real day back on skis this season and he was still rocking fat cheeks from missing 4 of his wisdom teeth but that didn’t really slow him down. He took a couple hard hits that day but he couldn’t get the smile of his face.

I sort freaked out before the cat track cause I thought I was going to slam hard.

                    I sort freaked out before the cat track cause I thought I was going to slam hard.


                                    Stoked to be back home and in the trees I grew up skiing!

After that it was back to work and the weather was warm. It rained a couple of times. It snowed last night so getting a break at lunch I decided to head out for a couple of laps because I one had about an hour of time. So I poked around in the woods. It snowed a maximum of 10cm and it was sort of weirdly distributed on a really weird base; 1cm here, 10cm there, magically 15cm over there! Talk about having ski conservatively, the whole base amounts to about 30cm at 1600m on a shady northern aspect. There is stuff poking out death spear style every where. Down low its barely there anymore. I am heading back to Tirol tomorrow where the whole alpine sounds scary that I am going to miss all the protected trees back home!

That’s all for now. Hopefully Winter will turn around and turn the taps on. Some forecasts say it will, however I’ll believe it when I see it! Good news is that our Praxis Skis are currently in Köln, Germany which means that I get to fondle new ski gear by the middle of the week… WOOHOO!

Till next time may the POW be with you!


Rupi and Bernie


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